About Us

 About Tartu Academy of Theology


  • We value the contact between a student and lecturer's personal example

Tartu Academy is a small school. It allows the personal contact between lecturer and his class. Students are always able to bring their concerns and talk to the school's administration directly. This is hardly possible in bigger universities


  • Ecumenism

TAT is not a "one" church study institution, but we have regard for Christian values and are open for people to come and study from different Christian backgrounds. We have Lutherans, Orthodox, Baptist, Methodist, Pentecostal, Adventists, Catholics and also Evangelical church member attending.


  • We are the only higher educational institution in Estonia offering a higher education in Christian media, Christian youth work and pastoral counselling.


  • Valuing Estonian legacy

Added to all theology subjects we have Estica studies where Estonian language, stylistics, folk religion, history of culture, art and music and some other subjects are being taught.


  • TAT as a family

For the students and alumni TAT is like a family, where you stay connected even after graduation. Certainly, this is one of the reasons why some of our previous students have become lecturers in TAT


  • Diverse humanitarian education and practical skills 

Some of the enrolling students come for their second profession because they feel the call to work on a speciality taught at TAT


  • Theology studies at TAT - the possibility to work in different areas of life 

We teach practical theology that gives an opportunity to apply your knowledge in different fields of life and not only in Christian circles.


  • A wide age range of our students 

We have student straight from high school up to retired individuals.


  • Summer session 

Traditionally every school year ends with a 4 day summer camp at the beginning of June with some lectures and exams. However, it is the time spent together in prayer and fellowship which is the most important